Agar-Agar is made from seaweed. It is spread out after collection until bleached, and then dried. It is then boiled in water and strained with the pulp then allowed to harden in the sun.  It is refined into a powder that is used to set liquids. It is used to make deserts like jelly as well as a

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Acai Berries

This amazing purple berry from the Amazon is the latest in the berry family to hit the shelves, from the acai palm tree, has shown that acai berries have ten times the antioxidant rating of red grapes. Because they boost metabolism it is thought that acai berries are great for weight

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Tis’ the season for Colds and Flu! Most us are unaware exactly which one we are suffering from but we all feel the same; head full of cotton wool, headache, sore throat, sniffles, running nose, cough, cloggy face and all we want to do is sleep.

So what can we do to reduce the symptoms and natural

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Ancient grains are a modern term for seeds and grains that have been around for centuries in various parts of the world. They are largely unchanged by modern cultivation methods.  Now curious cooks all over the world are drawing inspiration from the history books and cooking up ancient grains to

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Also known as Lebanese Wheat, bulghur, bulgar or burghul. It has a light, nutty flavour, Bulgur is made from whole wheat berries that have been soaked, baked and cracked, this speeds up the cooking time.

In Turkey, a distinction is made between fine-ground “Koftelik bulgur” a coarser grind

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In history the almond tree has always been a favourite, and in Shakespeare time as Gerard tells us, Almond trees were in our London gardens and orchards in great plenty. There are many references to it in early poetry.

Spenser alludes to it in the Fairy Queen.

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Honey in addition to being a healthy alternative to refined white sugar, honey one of the most commonly found medicinally in ancient cultures is best known for its antibiotic properties. It’s also used as an internal soothing agent, helpful in digesting spicy, peppery foods.  Honey has mild

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You will need:

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UMF Manuka Honey was first discovered by Dr Peter Molan of Waikato University Honey Reasearchin unit whilst doing routine research on the anti- bacterial properties of honey in general.


UMF Manuka Honey has an active factor that is not normally found in other honey!


Manuka Honey has unique

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In moderation, many nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats that benefit the heart, stabilise blood sugar and help you lose weight. Most nuts are significant sources of antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals.

A small handful of Almonds contains more fibre than a cup of strawberries. They should

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The brain shaped walnut is great. I wonder if the Omega 3 fatty acids have anything to do with the shape. Omega 3 fatty acids have had a lot of research confirming that these acids play a big part in the brain.

Walnuts have a sweet flavour and have been known to reduce inflammation and alleviate

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